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Allan g. Carter Private Investigator - I also do Private Mediator to get you out of debt fast.
                                          Allan G. Carter - PI
Education and Experience,
60  Years as a Private and Legal Investigator,
Degree  in Law,(Legal Studies)
BS Degree in Philosophy,
PSE Examiner (Voice Stress),

Legal Expert in:,
Physical I.D. Systems (Colt Firearms School),

Graphological Science (Hand Writing Analysis),\

Recognizing & Handling Adnormal People. (FDLE)

Allan Carter  is a full service consulting and PI Co..
Established in 1960 in St Petersburg,  Fl with a State License 399-A.
Moved to Tampa in 1969. Moved to Pascagoula, Ms in 1973.
Our genuine commitment to be a professional, affordable & personalized service.
Our partners and staff come from a wide range of backgrounds which provides our customers with versatility and stability.
With over 60 years experience, we have earned a stellar reputation for our comprehensive attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
We hope you'll take the time to see for yourself what Allan Carter Private Investigations, can offer you!

A  dba: of J E Carter Enterprises, Inc.

Phone 1-888-666-6694    Fax 863-248-1967

Pascagoula, MS

Based in MS.
Will go anywhere USA .

Let my Experience save you time and  money

Call us today for a FREE initial consultation!

NEED AN 800,866,888,877 TOLL FREE NUMBER.

For Background Checks, go to our Intelligence Agency and request it.

E-Mail:  IntelligenceResearchAgency@GMX.US

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